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We believe that online media is a powerful media that need a proper strategic plan to deliver a maximum sales and promotion impact.

Founded on 1993, PT. Profescipta Wahanatehnik belongs to a holding company PT. Karya Titan (, which has other subsidiary companies in various industries such as construction, hotels, food processing, trading, and property

In the late 2009 a new business unit called DiPStrategy was established within Profescipta as an independent business unit that use online media as a marketing tools.

Although using the same platform, - web application -, DiPStrategy differentiate the service from Profescipta in terms of the purpose of the application/website.

Dipstrategy use websites (and its related products) to serve as marketing tools and online engagement toward end user. It helps company to tap the online market by formulating and developing online strategy specific for the company or the brand that they represent.

The end result online base market that is loyal to the company / brand

Our story starts when the best web conceptor, web designer, and web developer, were assembled to listen to your story.

Each one of us is a good listener and together we are a good story teller. We re-create your story in a way that everybody need to know and spread it out in a way that everybody want to hear.

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