Customized IT Solutions : No Two Business are alike

Data, information, and communication flow is essential for modern business, allowing fast updates and decision making, highly sharpening the competitive edge of your company.

IT Solution: e-statement, Billing Statement and Software Development

Along with the application that we build, we also provide the support to maintain its performance and relevancies to your everchanging business.

Keeping your data stored safely, ensuring uninterupted business continuity, keeping you on top of anything that happen in your business, are the end result that we like to achieve with you. .

The infrastructure team will also assist you on day-to-day problem relate to the hardware that you are using, keeping track of its software update, and continuously keep an eye of every possibility of breach within your network.

In general, Profescipta Infrastructure team works primarily in three areas:

  • Providing and managing networked server and storage environments comprising the infrastructure for IT applications & services
  • Configuring and managing data backup and restore, as well as designing and executing business continuity and disaster recovery procedures
  • Providing 3rd tier (advanced) support for the tools and applications that we have created and/or deploy

Just like other services that we provide, it will always closely related to what you need the most. The infrastructure team will analyze your needs and come up with the most optimum solution for you.

Server and Hosting Management

Data Management and Backup

Disaster Recovery Procedures

3rd Tier Support

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