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Integrated Micro Financing and Agriculture System

  • Plasma is currently installed in tobacco crop plantation with 4,500 farmers and planting area of 3,500 hectare in central java.
  • Employs integrated technologies such as web-based, android, GIS, barcode, and electronic weighing system.
  • Empowering farmers by establishing workflow of good planting practice, and better farming culture


Plasma is an end-to-end crop financing software specializing in farmer cooperative business model. Designed to tracks and monitors all activities; from Registration, Soil Processing, Planting, Financing, Harvesting, Crop Selling, and Profit Sharing.

How it Work

Plasma is an end to end micro financing and crop management software specializing in farmer cooperative business model in agriculture industry. Plasma tracks and monitors all activities and transaction starting from farmer registration, soil processing, planting, farmer financing (material and cash), harvesting, crop selling, and farmers' profit sharing. Currently, Plasma is used in Tobacco farming business which involve with over 4500 farmers. Plasma is running under web-based and mobile (Android) platform for crop field monitoring.

  IT Solution: e-statement, Billing Statement and Software Development

  • Crop budgeting and farmers' financing plan
  • Farmer membership registration
  • Crop activities and performance monitoring
  • Crop selling and delivery management
  • Material and final Crop inventory management
  • Crop registration
  • Crop buying and grading
  • Farmers loan distribution (cash and material)

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