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  • Offers a fast and secure statement
    e-Statement generation and deliveries.
  • Offers both e-statement via email (Push) and via web download (Pull) channels.
  • Allows you to do accurate-real-time tracking for each e-Statement deliveries.
  • Enables customers to view their
    e-statements from multiple platform such as Windows, Mac, Androids, IOS, and Blackberry.

E-Statement Solution

Our web-based e-Statement engine offers fast, secure, and tractable e-Statement deliveries. Our system has been widely used by various companies in financial sectors.

How it Work

Most financial institutions using e-statements as part of a Web strategy have found that they can be used as a strategic contact point to inform and interact with customers. But in fact, by using e-statements with email notification, institutions have been able to reduce hardcopy statement cost significantly.

In addition, it can increase business and generate additional revenue by pulling customers to their Website for information and targeted offers.

The benefit highlights of adopting e-Statement strategy are as follows:

  • Offers faster billing deliveries.
  • Offers significant delivery cost savings by eliminating paper printing and hard copy deliveries.
  • Enhance statement security such as encryption and customer password protected.
  • Enables customers to view their statements from multiple devices.

Profescipta has implemented e-Statement engine to various clients. To name a few: RBS Bank, ANZ Bank, and Standard Chartered Bank

  • Push Statement: Statements via email
  • Various methods of e-Statement encryption
  • Pull Statement: Statements downloaded via Web
  • Fast PDF conversion engine
  • Enables promotion insertion in a statement
  • Web-based technology

Why Chose Our Product

You will find that the we have the right solution for your e-statement needs, offering many features based on many experiences in the industry:

  • Web based system
  • Supports both Push and Pull e-Statement deliveries
  • Secure e-Statement Management
  • Support online e-Statement registration process
  • Support real-time tracking e-Statement
  • Support Marketing Activities
  • Secure e-Statement Documents and Deliveries
    • Our delivery engine supports email DKIM and SPF to prove sender authenticity. This avoids the e-Statement email being filtered as spam or junk mail
    • e-Statement pdf are encrypted with encryption algorithms such as SHA, AES 256 bit/RC 128 bit and various algorithms

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